Drawing Day 2011
the drawing day book
The Weekly Rebus
The Weekly Rebus
Photo merge of Bill, young and old

9.2012: Documentary
October Game - The Art of Bill Counts

10.2011: Johnson City Press
October Game lives on.
by Pat Everheart

10.2009: The October Game 2009
A game interrupted.
A story untold.

5.2009: Drawings from My Facebook Period
Sketches I did for some friends
to use as profile pictures.

10.2008: The October Game 2008
Autumn pictures, one each day,
for the whole month.

10.2007: The October Game 2007
Once more, I did 32 paintings in a row
and survived. Most of the paintings did, too.

8.2007: The Dead Picture Office
Thirty-two years of I don't know what all.
Don't be afraid; step inside...

Updated fairly regularly: Still Wet
Recent paintings. What they call "serious works."

10.2006: The October Game
31 days, 31 paintings. What was I thinking?


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