Impressionist pictures concerning a month that's the favorite
of everybody who has any taste in months whatsoever

September 29, 2007
Welcome back, or simply welcome, as the case may be, to the second go-round
of the October Game. Man, I'm excited. Been getting a lot of stuff ready for you.
Check out some of the really cool backgrounds I've been preparing:

Starting to feel like Fall already, huh? This next one is my favorite so far:

Can't you just smell the smoldering leaves, the...okay, I'm getting ahead of myself here.
Let me backtrack for those of you visiting for the first time.

What is the October Game? Very briefly, it's a series of thirty-one pictures, produced in
thirty-one days. Each day all through the month, I have to paint a new fall-themed
picture, and it gets posted no matter how it turns out. Because apparently I
don't have enough aggravation in my life as it is.

All I'm allowed to do ahead of time is prepare surfaces, like the ones above, and
make a few sketches and notes about what I might do. I can't give anything away about
this year's game, but let me give you an example of a preliminary sketch from
last year, contrasted with the finished painting:

Likewise, if you have a suggestion for subject matter, send it to me at

If I use your idea, I'll make sure you share the credit...
although keep in mind, if the picture turns out awful, they're likely
to think you're as much to blame as I.

The name of this masochistic little exercise, since some have
asked, is taken from the title of a story by the octoberiest writer
of them all, Ray Bradbury. What's the story like?
Well, let me just point out that it was written in 1948, long before
he became, shall we say, the Charles Schulz of fantastic literature.
Ol' Ray had an edge to him every so often.

Meet you back here tomorrow, for some more images, and a few last thoughts
before the Big Event begins on Monday. Meanwhile, for those who haven't
read the aforementioned story, it's here. Right at the moment,
I can't think of a better way to pass some time on a clear,
coolish Saturday afternoon as autumn takes hold outside.

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