Bringing you fast, often reliable, and usually interesting
impressionistic sketches from the best month of the year
for a twenty-fifth of a century!

I see you're back. Guess that third time wasn't the charm, huh?

No problem. Welcome back, thanks for dropping by, and
feel free to bring anyone you want with you. I suspect most of you
know the deal here, but for newcomers, let's go over the basic deal
again. What is The October Game? And for that matter, why?

The why part, your guess is probably better than mine.
But I can be fairly lucid on the what:

Every October I go a little...well, I go a little funny in the head.
You know. Just a little...funny. And I go and do a silly thing —.
I do a seasonally-themed painting every day, for the whole
month, using whatever subject matter happens to turn up.
There are only two rules. One, every picture has to be done
straight through in one pass, and no turning back is allowed;
I have to stick  with whatever I started and post it, no matter
how it turns out. Two, the first black cat that crosses my path
must be the subject of one of the pictures (although I am
allowed to pick the date that I do the picture.) A third rule,
one that stated you must check in every day to see the new
picture, turned out to be unenforceable, so I had to drop it.

Can I do it? Will I make it through thirty-one paintings?
The suspense will kill me.

If you have an idea for a subject, just submit it, and if I use it,
I'll give you credit. No matter what it ends up looking like.
See? There's a little bit of suspense for you as well.

All right. Are we all together on this? Yes?
Then click here to begin.

I'm scared.